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  • To Gain 6% off old school rs gold for OSRS Kebos Lowlands Dec.12-Dec.18

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  • Fake Chinese Escort

    Many ads claimed to be Japanese (verified or not) are actually ugly Chinese girls managed by a "house". Avoid at all cost. Most of them staying at First Central Hotel & Suites, Tecom


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  • Bad Client ( Indian offer you Apartmen to stay )

    Be careful with this client if him offer you apartmen to stay , Don’t ever ever stay , he offer me apartmen in Downtown Boulevard apartmen number Ba203 12000 a month . After One week stay the security come knock my my Door and say to me , you can stay here if you bring visitor ,I was really sad and cry because no money , and don’t know where to stay what to do , lucky someone offer me stay in her flat ???????????????? , pls don’t ever ever happent to you guys ????????????????

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    Hi are you? who is the one who rent the apartment for you? name? phone number?? some girls stay in downtown, ...


    I've given this agency a second chance and guess what.. they still lie. They will send tottally different girl that what agreed on. In both occasions I didn't accept the booking. But they kept callin and promising genuine girls. Which none of them are advertised on their website. The whole business in Dubai has gone downhill. Bo genuine agencies anymore. All fake.

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    i agree..

  • Dirty girl

    Stay away from the lady farida the fat girl very dirty. I ask her to test her if she doing SEX WITHOUT CONDOM she said ok baby EXTRA MONEY GUYS BE CAREFULL I REPORT HER


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  • Thief



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  • Sex Wishes

    Hello guys. I need a man with a big cock who can fullfill my sex desires. If you want to be that man contact me here :


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  • Male Escort.

    Hello, am Edwin from Kenya. Work in Dubai Sheikh Zayed road Downtown. Can anyone help me out how I can register and join the Male Escort services !? I wanna make a good use of my average decent self as well as utilise my big black cock????:-) Reach out - [email protected]

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    Hi, you got to meet a girl?

  • Want meet a girl!

    My name is Marvin i want to meet with the girl to relax. Email your suggestions to meet!


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    Hell my Name is Maria And i Live in italy, i would like To spend some time in Dubai at The Best offerts, And try this expirience for one time To sell My body , i Will acept only The offer that interests me more And ask eventualy The ticket And some and some guarantees . You Can email me tank u:)

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    U love you so much